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Recommended Books for Microsoft IIS Server


Configuring PHP support In Microsoft IIS. 09/21/2003

This article will help you about configuring PHP support in Microsoft Windows 2000 IIS server to host websites containing web pages with PHP file extension.

Defining Client Pull Setting In IIS Server. 04/11/2003

This article describes how to enable default client pull settings through the IIS user interface for a specific Web server.

Configuring a Secure Website with a Digital Certificate. 03/05/2003

This how-to article will provide you complete step by step instructions about configuring a secure website with SSL with the help of a digital certificate assigned from Verisign.

Setting up & Configuring NNTP Service. 03/03/2003

This article will provides you useful step-by-step instructions to setup up a Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) server on a Windows 2000 Server-based computer.

Modifying Default SMTP Banner. 03/01/2003

This article will teach you about the complete procedure that can be used to change the default SMTP banner.

Configuring IIS 5 to send Internet E-mails.02/18/2003

Follow these steps to configure your IIS to send e-mails to all the “.com” domains on the Internet.

Binding Multiple Host Header Names against One IP.02/18/2003.

This article will guide you how to use Host Headers Names to allow multiple host names to share a single IP address.

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