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Braindumps for "310-011" Exam

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 anyone have latest dump
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Braindumps: Dumps for 642-444 Exam Brain Dump

Study Guides and Actual Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA


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Braindumps for "642-444" Exam

CIPT Cisco IP Telephony( CIPT)

 Question 1.
When a phone needs a conference resource, which of the following Cisco CallManager objects is queried first?

A. media resource device list
B. media resource group list
C. media resource group
D. media resource pool

Answer: B

Question 2.
Which two of these tools can be used to reestablish a Cisco CallManager cluster SQL subscription? (Choose two.)

B. SQL Server Service Manager
D. DBLHelper
E. SQL Server Enterprise Manager

Answer: D, E

Question 3.
Which of these options will prevent a device from being able to initiate conferences?

A. Place all conference media resources in MRGs and exclude these MRGs from the MRGL.
B. Exclude the conference media resources from all MRGs.
C. Exclude the conference media resource partitions from the CSS.
D. Remove the default MRGL from the device pool.

Answer: A

Question 4.
A user reports poor quality on voice calls and is instructed to select the QRT softkey. 

How can you access the information generated by this call?

A. use the QRT plug-in on the PC of an administrator
B. use Tools\QRT Viewer under the CiscoCallManager Serviceability page
C. use the System\Real-time Monitor Tool under CiscoCallManager Administration
D. use theperfmon counter application under Administrative Tools

Answer: B

Question 5.
Drag drop
Question 6.
How is a backup target changed to a backup server?

A. Modify the BARS service parameter from Target to Server.
B. Use BARSadministration to change from Target to Server.
C. Use BARSadministration to delete the destination target.
D. Uninstall BARS and reinstall as a backup server.

Answer: D

Question 7.
What are Cisco CallManager Locations used for?

A. Specify the bandwidth used for audio and video calls.
B. Define the time zones for devices connected to the CiscoCallManager.
C. Implement call admission control in a centralized call processing deployment.
D. Provide alternate call routing when the primary call path is unavailable.
E. Assign directory numbers to devices as they connect to the IP telephony network.

Answer: C

Question 8.
Based on the following dial-plan rules, what is the minimum number of partitions that must be defined?
All employees can call local and service numbers.
Managers can call long distance and international numbers.
Executives can call all numbers.
Only administrative assistants can call executives.
Incoming calls can only be routed to IP phones.

A. 6
B. 4
C. 5
D. 3

Answer: B

Question 9.
What will happen if Option 150 is not configured on the DHCP server?

A. CiscoCallManager will be unable to replicate its database to the subscribers.
B. IP Phones will not be able to load their configuration files.
C. CiscoCallManager will be unable to access the TFTP server.
D. IP Phones will not be able to receive VLAN information.
E. CiscoCallManager will be unable to register IP Phones.
F. The DHCP server will not be able to answer requests from IP Phones.

Answer: B

Question 10.
Which four characteristics would typically be used to define a device pool? (Choose four.)

A. geographic proximity
B. common calling search spaces for auto-registration
C. common device type
D. common use ofcodecs
E. common MOH source
F. common class of service

Answer: A, B, D, E


Study Guides and Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA

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